The Masters of Athletics in Tokyo 2020

We have reached another leap year and that means it’s time for the most prestigious and the most famous sports competition in the world – the Olympics. The best of the best gather around and some people even bet on the outcome of the Olympic events, either in betting parlors or online by using bonuses like the Betway Bonus.

We are going to focus on the athletics portion of the competition, naturally. Bear in mind that we are simply making guesses and you should not use this information as a sure thing. Now, who is going to dominate the athletics competitions in the 2020 Olympics?


There are several events where the host of the games might surpass the athletes from the rest of the world, including the 20km race walk. This is because the Japanese have shown great promise in this discipline in the past and they have the home-field advantage. Though at the last Olympics the first and second place for the position went to China, we expect Toshikazu Yamanishi from Japan to take the mantle.

As far as longer races are concerned, Uganda and Kenya are expected to show great results. Joshua Cheptegei has already proven himself in 2018 when he set a world record for 15km and in 2019 when he became the World Cross Country Champion. Rhones Kiputo from Kenya is going to be difficult to beat, as he has shown that he could nearly match the previous records.

We expect the USA will show us a thing or two at the hurdles, but the real focus of the games will be on the combined events and it’s anyone’s guess what the results would be. Suffice to say that the Americas, Europe, and Africa all have amazing athletes and there are too many variables in the mix.


We are glad to report that we are seeing more and more women at the Olympics. Sandra Perkovic from Croatia is bound to turn a few heads, being the two-time Olympic champion and World Champion. Her discipline? Discus throwing. She has a real shot at becoming the first woman with three consecutive Olympic titles in this event.

Another potential triple threat is Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce from Jamaica, expected to win her third Olympic gold for 100m. Caterine Ibarguen from Colombia already dominated the triple-jump in the past with a gold medal in 2016 and a silver medal in 2012.

While Dina Asher-Smith finished 3rd in the 4x100m relay in 2016, she became the World Champion in 200m race at the end of 2019, so we know she is ready to impress the crowd, being, arguably, the fastest female runner in English history.

These are but a few amazing athletes and we are in for multiple pleasant surprises this June, July, and August. As long as there are no issues with the weather, this will be one of the most memorable events.