The Biggest & Most Popular World’s Athletics Competitions

If you enjoy watching competitions based on skills, endurance, and strength, then you probably love athletics. When we mention athletics the first thing that comes to one’s mind is probably the Olympics. But, is the Olympics the biggest competition in the world of athletics? 

Those who love watching athletics competitions and enjoy a bit of NJ Online Sports Betting know that this sports branch has various types of competitions. Combined, these competitions can be divided into:

  1. International Athletic Championships
  2. National Athletic Championships
  3. Annual Athletic Meetings and Annual Athletic Races

So, let’s take a look at what are some interesting athletics competitions around the globe every athletics fan will love:

The Olympics

Just like the Olympics, International Championships are the most popular athletic competitions. The Olympic Games or the summer Olympics is one of the most popular sporting events in the world of athletes. This international competition tests some of the most talented athletes and gives them a chance to prove their skills. As far as the athletics in the Olympics is concerned, it is one of the oldest disciplines with numerous different events occurring every 4 years. Of course, both women and men can participate in these events and compete in almost the same athletic events. 

The World Athletics Championships

Yet another great International Athletic Championship, organized by the World Athletics. The World Athletics Championships has a nearly four decades-long history and many athletic disciplines. Similar to the Olympics, this competition used to be held every 4 years. However, ever since 1991the former IAAF decided that it would be better to shorten the period to two years. The organization believed that there should be a World Championships for athletics and that the Olympics were getting too inclusive. And this is how The World Athletics Championships came to being. 

Commonwealth Games

Another great competition for athletics held every four years is the Commonwealth Games. With many athletics disciplines included, this British competition dates back all the way to 1930. The competition has changed its name several times throughout its history, and similar to the Paralympics, the Commonwealth Games encourage athletes with disabilities to compete in numerous disciplines. What makes this competition so special, is its inclusiveness and the fact that it was the first multi-sport competition in the world to have an equal number of events for both men and women. 

The Asian Games 

Yet another quadrangular mixed sports competition, similar to the previously mentioned Commonwealth Games, only held by the Olympic Council of Asia. Some people call Asiad the second biggest mixed sports competition in the world after the Olympic Games. These games have been hosted by numerous nations and nearly 50 nations have participated in Asiad since its first event in 1951 held in New Delhi, India. Asian Para Games are also included since 2010 for all professional athletes with disabilities. In addition, Asian Para Games are always held after the Asian Games.