Fantasy Athletics

What Are Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports are online games of skill that have become increasingly popular over the past few years. The main rules are simple: players build their virtual teams from a selection based on real-life athletes. Each virtual team member scores points based on the actual performance of their real-life counterpart over a period of time (e.g. a league). Finally, the player with the most point wins the game. Similarly to a list of best movies in different countries which you can read more about if you’d like, fantasy sports are popular in their own way based on the target audience, country as well as other factors.

Fantasy sports became particularly popular thanks to daily competitions offered by DraftKings and FanDuel, the two of the largest Daily Fantasy Sports services in the US. Now, FunDuel is planning on launching FanDuel NJ, making their offer available in New Jersey. The list of sports that will be available is not yet known, but we hope that FanDuel will consider including athletics in their offer.

Fantasy Athletics Rules

It’s no wonder that athletics can also be found on the list of fantasy sports you can play, especially since there is a huge variety of national and international competitions taking place every year. If the prospects of testing your knowledge of the sport by playing fantasy athletics piqued your interest, we’ll explain how it works on the example of IAAF Fantasy Diamond League.

IAAF Diamond League is an elite track and field event taking place annually on various locations worldwide. It consists of 14 meetings and covers 32 disciplines with the best athletes in the world competing to win a Diamond Trophy. The 2018 event took place May to August 2018 and the fans had the chance to compete in a parallel IAAF Fantasy Diamond League.

To be successful in the Fantasy Diamond League, you need to be consistent over the entire season. Prior to each IAAF Diamond League meeting, players get to pick nine athletes from the start lists. Out of these nine players, there must be four women and four men. In addition, players must choose a captain: this is the athlete who will score double points.

Every time you pick an athlete that places first in an event final, you win 15 points. 10 points are won for selecting a second-finishing athlete, 7 points for finishing 3rd, 5 points for placing 4th, 3 points for 5th place, 2 points for placing 6th, and 1 point for every athlete who finishes an event.

If your selected athlete did not finish or start their race, you will not receive any points. If your athlete gets disqualified, you will get -5 points. If one of your athletes achieves a meeting record, he or she will get double points in the fantasy league for that event. Finally, if anyone achieves a world record, their points will be tripled for that event.

Good luck!