How to Tell if You Are Ready to Tackle Full Marathon

Running a marathon requires a lot of stamina or a lot of training if you want to get all the way to the finish line. Sure you can always give it a try, especially if it’s for a good cause, but if you are competitive, you won’t have such a fun time as you watch other competitors doing way better than you. Just like Winmasters Bonus allows us to have more fun placing bets, training allows us to have more energy while running. 

However, the question is, how to tell if you can really make it all the way to the end? Well, here are some of the key things you need to examine in order to find out.

How do you handle half-marathon?

The right way to approach this is to take one step at a time, and this sort of implies that you should conquer half-marathon training first. The race itself is basically the easy part, as you will be prepared, it’s really training that is truly exhausting until you get into shape. So if you never participated in a half-marathon you should start practising for that first. 

How do you feel after training?

Assuming you are already passed the half-marathon stage and are a somewhat experienced runner, you should be also able to tell if you are ready for the next stage. First of all, preparing for a marathon will take more effort and time than a half-marathon, so if you can incorporate extra time into your daily schedule that will be the first sign. 

Another more important sign is that your half-marathon training sessions are starting to feel easy. Meaning, you don’t feel exhausted or fatigued, you can consistently hit your training goals, you don’t experience any nagging pains or injuries   

Time investment

As mentioned you will need to have more free time in order to prepare effectively. This is not just for the daily training, there is a period from 6 to 8 weeks before the race with heavy training segments. In other words, you will be more exhausted during this time, and functioning on a busy schedule during that time frame might not be possible. Marathon lasts for hours, and you need to train to ensure you can do that and cover the distance at the same time. So, you will be running multiple marathons until the big day, and recovering will also require time.  

Do you miss the thrill? 

Finally, if a half-marathon provides enough excitement, investment, and most importantly challenge, then there is no reason to make this shift. On the other hand, if half-marathon races are no longer engaging, if you feel like you should create an additional challenge for yourself, then it’s safe to assume you should start training for a marathon. The reality is that running a marathon is a big personal achievement, but you should not skip a whole step to that milestone just for the sake of it.