5 Most Extreme Marathons In The World

People have always had a tendency towards discovering new and interesting things to do in their free time. These activities tend to vary from our preferences and what we perceive as entertaining. For some people, this can include simple things like streaming movies or Betway registration to enjoy the benefits of online games. And there are others who seek something more thrilling, like mountain climbing or running a marathon. 

But there is a number of people for whom the marathon is more than just another activity. Professional runners are supported each year by fans who are eager to see their favourite athlete pass them by. After a while runners got tired of the usual marathon and half-marathon races and wanted to test their own skills by organizing extreme marathons.

These marathons and half marathons are some of the hardest races in the world, and in this article, we will cover the most extreme ones. 

Polar Night Half Marathon

Can you imagine running a marathon in complete darkness? If you can then Polar Night half marathon in Norway is for you. The race takes place in Tromsø during the polar night period. This means that daytime light is very limited. The race starts in the afternoon hours, but then at some point runners go through the snow in total darkness. Also, the temperature isn’t really helpful. During that period of the year, one can expect the temperature to drop down to around -5°C (25 degrees Fahrenheit). With this in mind, all future participants should be mindful of the clothes and shoes they decide to bring. 

Baikal Ice Marathon

Something similar to the previous half-marathon can be experienced in Russia. Baikal Ice Marathon is one of the many winter games like ice fishing and even ice golf that form the Winteriada Festival. The entire festival is held on the frozen Lake Baikal. Like the slippery surface of the lake isn’t enough, the cold winds are there to make things even more interesting. The entire race is 42 kilometres long and usually, over 100 runners participate.

The Jungle Ultra

If you are more of a rainforest type of runner, and you prefer tropical weather, then The Jungle Ultra is the race for you. This ultramarathon is 230 kilometres long, and it takes the runners through the rainforest of Amazon. The race begins in Cloud Forest and continues on through the mysterious jungles of Peru. True fans of untouched nature and the unique culture of tribal villages will adore this race. 

The Great Wall Of China Marathon

Some people go to China’s Great Wall to take pictures and enjoy the breath-taking scenery. And others to run a marathon. The first marathon on the Great Wall took place in 1999, and by 2015 it already had over 2,000 participants. The marathon begins a the Yin and Yang Square, and it includes going up 5,000 steps. Next to the marathon, there’s also the option of half-marathon for those runners who are in for the fun.

Marathon des Sables

The first ground-breaking year for this event was in 1986 when Patrick Bauer decided to run across a 350-kilometre long path through the Sahara Desert in Morocco. It took him 12 days. After this, the event became very popular among fans of extreme marathons who were eager to put their endurance to test in the hot and sandy surroundings.