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Who is the Next Fastest Man in the World After Usain Bolt?

Imagine getting across 100 meters on foot in less than 10 seconds! It seems impossible for the majority of us, right? That is probably why we love to watch running competitions and cheer for our favorite athletes. Another reason is that many people love to bet on their favorites which is now even more convenient
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The Masters of Athletics in Tokyo 2020

We have reached another leap year and that means it’s time for the most prestigious and the most famous sports competition in the world – the Olympics. The best of the best gather around and some people even bet on the outcome of the Olympic events, either in betting parlors or online by using bonuses
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What is Race Walking and How Does It Work?

If you’ve ever seen race walking, you probably noticed how interesting it looked. Taking into consideration how much time people spend watching sports, reading about the latest matches and games, and even betting on sports using great bonuses such as, it is a shame we don’t know more about race walking. As it is
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The Most Popular Marathon Races in the World

Marathon races. They date back to the historic Battle of Marathon, referring to the messenger who delivered the news of the victory to Athens, running over 40 kilometers. After declaring the news, he collapsed and died immediately, on the spot. This sparked an interest in long-distance running and people created marathon and half-marathon races. Every
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Fantasy Athletics

What Are Fantasy Sports Fantasy sports are online games of skill that have become increasingly popular over the past few years. The main rules are simple: players build their virtual teams from a selection based on real-life athletes. Each virtual team member scores points based on the actual performance of their real-life counterpart over a
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How to Prepare for a Half Marathon

Preparing for a half marathon is a great way to motivate yourself for training if you are a beginner at running. With a proper training, almost anybody can run a half marathon, according to former Olympic runner Mark Coogan. The main idea is very simple: you should prepare your body for the long run, while
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Christian Coleman Breaks World Record

American world 100m silver medallist Christian Coleman ran 6.37 seconds at a meeting in Clemson, South Carolina, setting the new 60m indoor world record last Friday. The previous record of 6.39 seconds was set twice (in 1998 and 2001) nearly twenty years ago by Maurice Greene, also an American. The 21-year-old made his breakthrough last
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Sir Mo Farah – the 2017 Sports Personality of the Year

BBC Sports has been organizing the Sports Personality of the Year Awards for 64 years and this time the event took place at the Echo Arena in Liverpool on December 17th. The hosts were Gary Lineker, Gabby Logan and Clare Balding, who announced that Sir Mo Farah was the new winner of this year’s edition.
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June 2017: Latest Achievements of the Young Spartans

At Olympian AC meeting on June 25th, Matt Doherty was the winner of the 800 m in 1.59. The Spartan made light work of his opponents with Noel Logan stepping out of the comfort zone running 2.06. He then won the 3000m comfortably 20mins later in 9.26. (If you like to win too, try Costa
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What have the Spartans been up to: August’s highlights

August has been a busy day for our favorite athletes so let’s see what was on their schedules. I think it’s safe to start with the performance of Aileen Reid at the Rio Olympics. She competed in the triathlon and even though she wasn’t close to the podium, the young woman finished on the 21st
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